Geoglo Pexel 3a XL 2018 Plus – خرید و فروش تخصصی پزشکی
Geoglo Pexel 3a XL 2018 Plus

Geoglo Pexel 3a XL 2018 Plus

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  • Capture stunning photos with features like night sight
  • Save every photo with free
  • The Google assistant is the easiest way to get things

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Product Description

3 years of security and OS updates. Keep your phone protected against the latest threats and performing at its best.

Keep your data protected. The custom-made Titan M security chip helps secure the operating system and your most sensitive data, like passwords.

Keep more of what you love. Use the Quick Switch Adapter to transfer your messages, contacts, and photos to your new device.

Android version updates for at least 3 years from when the device first became available on the Google Store.

Some third-party apps and data may not be transferred automatically.

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